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A Centre of Excellence in Education!

SVC Memorial Public School is a Secondary School established in the year of 2016-17 to match the standards of the best School in the Country; it is founded by Shri Vijaya Chandrashekar Educational Trust(R). The organization that has striven to future of the youth of the region by establishing several education institutions of merit, the school is founded envisioning a generation with 21st Century skills and aptitudes of country significance with infrastructure and Instructional facilities that are designed to support all round child development and curriculum that is embedded is model pedagogical perspectives the school is set to prove as an asset in the educational parlance.

The School inlands to herald an era of International educational is the region and broadness the dimensions of school education by integrating it with skill and personality development.

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The SVC Memorial Public School brings in the joy of learning and caring in all aspects. The school promotes creativity, collaboration, inquisitiveness and personal integrity in a blend that fosters success for all students and staff of the school. To cultivate a thirst for knowledge and higher education in every student. To continuously add value to our curriculum and improve programming in order to enhance the skill sets and all-round development rather than remain text book centric. To build and maintain a faculty that has highly-qualified and respected teachers. To ensure that our students feel safe, secure, and supported at all times, with a sense of belonging.

Our Mission, Vision

Sri. C.V.Chandrashekhar


Education Leader - SVC Memorial Public School

It gives me immense pleasure and a sense of satisfaction to acknowledge the part SVC Memorial Public School plays in strengthening Our tomorrow. The children of today are the torch bearers of our future. Education is the tool that provides them with the light and leads them on the right path. The world is moving at supersonic speed and we must evolve with it.

The growth is symbiotic, we learn from each other I would like to extend my best wishes to all students and I believe that each child in His/ Her own way will bring laurels to our country.

Why Choose SVC Memorial Public School(CBSE)?

We at SVC Memorial Public School provide meaningful and engaging interactions with the students, empowering them to excel academically, emotionally & socially. SVC Memorial Public School follow the CBSE curriculum with an innovative pedagogy and holistic approach aiming to take the students a long way in preparing them to be leaders in the 21st century. The facilities and infrastructure of SVC Memorial Public School resonate with its vision, motto and philosophy. Our school promote creativity, collaboration, inquisitiveness and personal integrity in a blend that fosters success for all students and staff of the school. Our commitment is to be a friend, philosopher and guide in your child’s ‘learning journey’ by providing Education that leads to Excellence which in turn paves the path for Empowerment.