About Us

SVC Memorial Public School

At SVC Memorial Public School the students are exposed to a range of extra curricular activities to complement the academic development and for the inculcation of a complete personality. The activities includes the one related to arts, Technology, performing arts and competitive Sports is infused in students via:- House membership and there are various clubs to provide the ambience for artistic development and team spirit.

The dramatics and debates are planned to build confidence in children and engendering courage of conviction competitive sports not only build physical fitness but give a boost to the team spirit in students, they are Art and Craft Club, Eco Club, Heritage Club and Language development Club for the development of Skills in children in the schooling years.

A Holistic CBSE Education

We follow a CBSE curriculum and provide students a holistic, balanced education that’s a combination of various co-scholastic programs, physical education & sports activities, community-school initiatives and parent-school programs.

Principal's Message

Talent is not found in towns and cities only. In absence of appropriate opportunities and recognitions talented students from rural areas lose direction and pass unnoticed. The students are provided healthy and homely atmosphere.

Curiosity and academic achievements, lesson learnt through school activities and house system encourages students to develop team spirit, bond friendship, self discipline, self dependence responsibility and good citizenship.

Mrs. Neela Chennur (M.Sc, B.Ed)


Managing Committee

Sl. No Member's Name Address
1 Shri C.V.Chandrashekhar Koppal Dist.Koppal
2 Smt.Laxmidevi Chandrashekhar Koppal Dist
3 Shri Ayyanagouda Pampanagouda Patil Tavaragera, Tq.Kushtagi, Dist.Koppal
4 Sri Nagareddeppa Amaranna Karatagi, Tq Gangavati, Dist.Koppal
5 Shri Amareshappa Amaragundappa Karatagi, Tq Gangavati, Dist.Koppal
6 Sri Linganagouda Siddanagouda Patil Gotagi Karatagi, Tq Gangavati, Dist.Koppal
7 Shri Vishwanath Reddy C.V Amminagada, Tq.Manvi, Dist.Raichur
8 Shri Channappa Echanal Amminagada, Tq.Manvi, Dist.Raichur

School Details

School Information
School type Co-education/Women’s/Men’s : Co-education
Medium English/Kannada/Urdu/Marathi: English
Vacation period from April to May
Admission period from Feb to August
Academic Session periods from June to April

School Rules and Regulations.

As a school, we want to deliver a future with endless possibilities for your child.

  • Principal decisions will be final.
  • Do not argue in the campus / in front of the students with co-staff / Principal.
  • Do not use mobile phones during working hours unless it is urgent.
  • Do not communicate to the parent directly in front of the class rooms without prior permission from the Principal.
  • No eatables should be shared with students in the campus.
  • Gifts, tips or favors of any kind to school staff / student are strictly prohibited.
  • Damage to school property within the campus is prohibited and penalized for the cost.
  • Take all necessary and reasonable precautions to protect students, equipment, materials and facilities with responsibility for the neatness of his / her room and the proper care of all furniture and building.