Education at SVC Memorial Public School

Education should enlighten young minds, empower them to fulfil their dreams, Academic and Core Curriculum help them rationalize and nourish their souls. At SVC Memorial Public School, we seek to nurture a new generation of thinkers who are confident, inventive and well - balanced.

It is widely believed that learning comes to each child in his/her own unique way. We believe that creative spaces for exploration, inquiry and expression are indispensable. To foster new learning, the students are encouraged to reflect on the engaging experiences: what happened, how it happened and why it happened.

Our co-scholastic program is in line with our philosophy - ‘Academics comes first’. We combine this philosophy with the belief that a diverse exposure with activities that will lead to the effective and all-round development of our students. These activities form a vital part of our entire learning process.

Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Theatre, Pottery, Engineering Lab, Debate, Declamation and Creative Writing are some of the important activities that are a vital part of our broad based co-scholastic curriculum. This curriculum refines the creative, scientific, literary and organization skills of the students. This results in better performance in inter-disciplinary activities, cognitive development, well-rounded personal development and an attitude of sustainability.

The curriculum has been designed keeping in mind a ‘child-centric’ pedagogy i.e. focusing on children’s experiences and their voices. In this light, project based learning enhance their critical thinking and collaborative skills. Experiential learning being the core, the school uses play-based activities to enhance the learning abilities of children. Through these hands-on experiences, teachers enable the students to learn new and advanced concepts, thereby deepening their overall understanding.

These outside-the-classroom activities cultivate in students positive qualities of leadership, teamwork and responsibility and at the same time give them enjoyment and a sense of purpose.

As a parent you are an important part of The HDFC School community. Apart from the regular reports on student achievement and progress that you will receive, we also have a comprehensive Parent-School Programme so that you can participate and be involved in the growth and development of your child.

School Timings

Class Timing
High School 9.00am to 4.30pm