Laboratory Facility

Science is being taught in school in a very mechanical way. Students are confined to their textbooks, the topics and contents included therein. They are hardly encouraged to observe, explore, look for patterns or analyse the everyday experience occurring around them. Mere rote memorization of concepts is leading children towards a stressful existence. NCF 2005 aptly says, “The fact that learning has become a source of burden and stress on children and their parents is an evidence of a deep distortion in educational aims and quality”. To correct this, the NCF has proposed five guiding principles. Some of these are;

  • Connecting knowledge to life outside school
  • Ensuring that learning shifts away from rote methods

Lab activities are an effort by the Board to make Science learning more meaningful, interesting and joyful. An effort has been made to include activities which are based on different content areas and concepts given in NCERT textbook. It is hoped that after performing these activities, students will be able to understand the concepts better, internalize them and will be motivated to create more such experiences. Wide variety of activities including observation, exploration, analysis, games, riddles, crossword puzzles etc., have been included to meet diverse needs of learners and help them appreciate and enjoy the learning experiences.